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William George Faddy
Family Name: Faddy  Variant Spellings:  
Given Names: William George
DOB 22 May 1810
DOD 12 January 1876 
Place of Birth: London England
Place of Death: Surry Hills, NSW 
Age at Death: 65
Other Occupations:
Spouse: Married
Children: Sophia m.1859 Sydney, NSW
Voyages: "Cuba" from London arr. Port Nicholson 3 January 1840
  • "Cuba" from Port Nicholson arr. Chatham Islands 1840
  • "Vanguard" from Chatham Islands arr. Port Nicholson 22 March 1843
  • "Elizabeth" dep. Port Nicholson for Sydney 8 June 1843
  • "Sir John Byng" dep. Sydney for Twofold Bay and Boyd Town 17 August 1843
  • "Eagle" from Moreton Bay arr. Sydney 30 January 1850
  • Came out as:  
    Date Settled Aus: by 1843
    Date of Departure:  
    First Registered:
    Off Register:  
    Addresses: London, England 1839 (shipping record)
  • Wellington, NZ 1840 (shipping record)
  • Chatham Islands 1840-1843 (shipping record)
  • Wellington, NZ 1843 (shipping record)
  • New South Wales 1843 (shipping record)
  • Sydney, NSW 1858 (SMH)
  • Nundle, NSW 1868 (Empire)
  • Sydney, NSW 1876
  • Positions Held: Surgeon East India Company Service (SMH obituary)
    Notes: Not registered in NSW
  • Not in Richards card file
  • Grandson of a First Fleet marine William John Faddy (1746-1798) and son of his son William Faddy (1784-1810) RN
  • He was presumably a relative (possibly father?) of Dr. William Faddy (qv) who was at Paterson NSW in the 1870s
  • It is not clear whether one or both practised in the NSW mining districts in the 1850s and 1860s
  • Some sources say he was a naval (RN) surgeon, others that he was an East India Company surgeon (AMPI can find no evidence for either claim)
  • Some family sources say he was "MD" (possibly just meaning a doctor) others MRCSE (hence a qualified surgeon)
  • As he was not registered as a medical practitioner in NSW he was presumably unqualified and possibly only sporadically in practice in NSW
  • Mrs Faddy and three children arrived at Nelson from the Chatham Islands 7 July 1843 and left for Wellington on the same day (Nelson Examiner 8, 15 July)
  • They arrived in Sydney from Wellington in February 1844 (shipping record)
  • Acknowledgments:
    References: Weeks R. Faddy naval family. First Fleet Fellowship of Victoria website, January 2014 [surgeon RN, to NZ with navy, returned with whaling ship about 1841, to Sydney 1845]
  • Wiles R. Medicine on the Monaro. In: Proust AJ. A social and cultural history of medicine in New South Wales in the 19th century. Canberra, 1999
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  • Port Nicholson extracts. Sydney Herald 29 September 1841 [arrival of Dr. Faddie (sic) as passenger on American whaler "Cicero" from Chatham Islands]
  • Shipping intelligence. Sydney Herald 23 February 1842 [Mrs Faddy and 3 children arr. Cape Town on "Lloyds" from London for New Zealand]
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  • Shipping intelligence. Sydney Morning Herald 6 February 1844 [Mrs Faddy and three children on "Ariel" from Port Nicholson]
  • Shipping intelligence. Morning Chronicle (Sydney) 21 February 1844 [Mrs Faddy and 3 children on "Edward" for Boyd Town and Twofold Bay]
  • Arrivals. Maitland Mercury 2 February 1850 [Dr. Faddy from Moreton Bay]
  • Died. Bell's Life in Sydney 15 June 1850 [at home of her parents, Parramatta Street aged 7 years Frances Vanguard 2nd daughter of William George Faddy Esq MD]
  • Snake bite. Sydney Morning Herald 4 January 1851 [Mr Faddy a medical gentleman at Cook's River applied ipecacuanha]
  • Mr. William George Faddy. Sydney Morning Herald 26 April 1851 [enquiry from England about him]
  • Gold fields. Maitland Mercury 6 April 1853 [Dr. Faddy mining at Devil's Hole Creek with pick and shovel] [is this him?]
  • An inquest. Sydney Morning Herald 3 November 1858 [William George Faddy MD and surgeon attended patient in Sydney]
  • Marriages. Sydney Morning Herald 13 September 1859 [Sophia, only daughter of William George Faddy Esq. MD, Crown Street, Sydney]
  • Macquarie River. Empire (Sydney) 31 July 1863 [Dr. Faddy late camp doctor at Tambaroora now settled here] [is this him?]
  • Peel River. Sydney Morning Herald 8 August 1864 [arrival of Dr. Faddy]
  • Shocking murder. Empire (Sydney) 28 May 1868 [witness W. G. Faddy a medical practitioner residing at Nundle]
  • Cobbedah. Maitland Mercury 10 December 1874 [Dr. Faddy of Barraba]
  • Deaths. Sydney Morning Herald 15 January 1876 [at his son's residence, Surry Hills, William George Faddy MD late Surgeon EIC aged 65 leaving a wife and children]
  • New Zealand's Jubilee. Taranaki Herald 7 January 1890 [Dr. Faddy arrived at Wellington from London on New Zealand Company's ship "Cuba" 7 January 1840]
  • Marriages. Sydney Morning Herald 18 March 1893 [...Hopkins, granddaughter of the late William George Faddy MRCSE RN]
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