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Charles William Rohner
Family Name: Rohner  Variant Spellings:  
Given Names: Charles William
DOB 14 December 1832
DOD 1890 
Place of Birth: Austria
Place of Death: Hastings, Vic 
Age at Death: 67
Qualifications: MD Prague 1858
Other Occupations:
Spouse: Margaret Emmeline Edmonds m.1862 Albury, NSW
Children: Charles Armin b.1863, d.1889 Shepparton
William Aberlard b.1865 d.1901
Ferdinand Charles b.1868 d.1869
Hypatia Irene b.1869 m.1891 d.1955
Corrinna Delores b.1875 d.1957
Laura Beatrice b.1877 m.1906 d.1916
Emmanuel Candide b.1879 m.1906 d.1940
Ania Mara b.1883 d.1883
Voyages: "Queen of the East" from London arr. Melbourne 4 August 1859
Came out as:  
Date Settled Aus: by 1862
Date of Departure:  
First Registered: 1862 Vic
Off Register:  
Addresses: Melbourne, Vic 1859 (shipping record)
  • Stanley, Vic 1859 (OM Advertiser)
  • Invercargill, NZ 1864 (Southland Times)
  • Chiltern, Vic 1864-1876 (Argus, VGG, AMJ)
  • Hamilton, Vic 1879 (Williamstown Chronicle)
  • Bright, Vic 1879 (Williamstown Chronicle)
  • Benalla, Vic 1883 (Bruck)
  • Yarrawonga, Vic 1886 (Bruck)
  • San Remo, Vic (Argus)
  • Hastings, Vic 1890 (Argus)
  • Positions Held: Public Vaccinator, Chiltern 1864, 1865 (Argus, VGG)
  • Magistrate, Chiltern 1867 (VGG)
  • Deputy Coroner, Chiltern 1869 (VGG)
  • Health Officer, Yarrawonga, Vic 1886 (Bruck)
  • Health Officer, San Remo 1890 (Argus)
  • Publications: Noachian deluge. Ovens and Murray Advertiser 22 and 27 July 1872 [text of a lecture at Wangaratta by Dr. Rohner of Chiltern]
    Notes: According to the AMG he was a colonist of 25 years at the time of his disappearance, which suggests he did not settle in Victoria until after he had been to NZ
  • In New Zealand, began practice at Invercargill 1864 and left after a few months for West Coast (Wright St. Clair)
  • His lecture on the biblical account of Noah and the flood demonstrates n extensive knowledge of the Bible and contemporary German biblical criticism
  • In the lecture he very ably ridiculed the story of Noah, and denounced the Reformed view of the Bible as God's word, declaring it to be a human work
  • His wife did not go with him when he moved to San Remo
  • He evidently committed suicide at Hastings, Vic in January 1890
  • Acknowledgments: This record was augmented in December 2011 with information from Jeannette Robinson
    References: Medical Board of Victoria. Register of Medical Practitioners for 1863 [registered 1 August 1862 Clunes MD Prague 1858]
  • Bruck L. Australasian Medical Directory and Handbook, 1883 [Benalla, Vic MD Prague]
  • Bruck L. Australasian Medical Directory and Handbook, 1886 [Yarrawonga, Vic, MD Prague, Health Officer]
  • Wright-St.Clair RE. Historia nunc vivat: medical practitioners in New Zealand 1830 to 1940. Digital edition. Christchurch, 2013
  • Dr. Rohner [advertisement]. Ovens and Murray Advertiser 11 October 1859 [has succeeded to the practice and residence of Dr. Muller at Stanley]
  • Gazette. Argus (Melbourne) 18 April 1864 [Public Vaccinators, C. W. Rohner, Chiltern, resigned]
  • Dr. Charles W. Rohner [advertisement]. Southland Times (Invercargill) 4 June 1864 [physician, surgeon and accoucheur, member of the Medical Board of Victoria]
  • Territorial magistrates. Victoria Government Gazette 19 July 1867 [Charles William Rohner Esq Chiltern]
  • Deputy coroner. Victoria Government Gazette 19 March 1869 [Charles William Rohner, Chiltern]
  • Quarreling over a bone. Australian Medical Journal, January 1871 [injudicious use of autopsy material by Dr. Rohner, coroner at Chiltern]
  • Magician at Chiltern. Age (Melbourne) 22 September 1871 [Dr. Rohner lecturing on magic]
  • Local topics. Australian Medical Journal June 1876:210 [Dr. Rohner leaving Chiltern after 17 years, presented with illuminated address]
  • Presentation ro Dr. Rohner. Williamstown Chronicle 25 January 1879 [by Hamilton Chess Club on his leaving to practise at Bright]
  • Strange disappearance of a doctor. Argus (Melbourne) 21 January 1890 [Dr. Rohring (sic) formerly health officer San Remo, now at Hastings, daughter keeping house, estranged from wife, left strange note]
  • Disappearance of Dr. Rohner. Argus (Melbourne) 23 January 1890 [presents circumstantial evidence that he committed suicide at Hastings]
  • Victoria. Australasian Medical Gazette 1889-90;9:129 [Dr. Charles William Rohner MD 1858, colonist of 25 years, disappeared at San Remo on 9th January]
  • Widow of Dr. Rohner. Argus (Melbourne) 17 February 1891 [appeal for widow and family]
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