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Robert Porter Welch
Family Name: Welch  Variant Spellings:  
Given Names: Robert Porter
DOB 1808 approx
DOD 25 February 1876  
Place of Birth: England
Place of Death: Greytown, NZ 
Age at Death: 68
Qualifications: LSA 1831
Other Occupations: Politician
Spouse: "Helen Uther" m.1841 Surry Hills, Sydney NSW
Children: Daughter b.1843 Sydney, NSW
Voyages: "Letitia" from London arr. Sydney 27 September 1839
  • "Canton" from London arr. Sydney 12 June 1848
  • "Brothers" from Honolulu arr. Sydney 14 January 1852
  • "Hashemy" from Newcastle NSW arr. Port Cooper 5 May 1854
  • Came out as:  
    Date Settled Aus: 1839
    Date of Departure:  
    First Registered: 1839 NSW
    Off Register:  
    Addresses: Taunton, Somerset, England 1831 (LSA lists)
  • Sydney, NSW 1839-1845 approx.(shipping record, Australian )
  • England 1848 (shipping record)
  • New South Wales 1848 (shipping record)
  • Murrurundi, NSW 1849 (Mercury)
  • Sydney, NSW 1852 (SMH, shipping record)
  • Newcastle, NSW 1854 (shipping record)
  • New Zealand 1854 onwards (Lyttleton Times etc)
  • Positions Held: Surgeon, Taunton and Somerset Hospital 1834-1838 approx. (SMH)
  • Coroner for Wairarapa 1855 (Wright St. Clair)
  • Clerk Wellington Provincial Council 1858-1859 (Wright St. Clair)
  • MPC for Wairarapa 1865-6 (Wright St. Clair)
  • Publications: Married woman's adviser and young mother's guide, London 1838 [reviewed Port Phillip Gazette 10 June 1840]
  • Familiar treatise on diseases of the eye. Sydney, 1840 (earliest medical work separately printed and published in Australia)
  • Original correspondence. Sydney Herald 19 June 1840 [signed Robert Porter Welch MD late surgeon Taunton and Somerset Hospital]
  • Songs, Ballads and Rhymes. Sydney : T.Trood, 1841
  • Observations on Convict and Free Labor for NSW. London, 1847
  • Notes: There were three medical men named Welch in the town of Taunton in 1809 (Toulmin) which suggests R. P. Welch came from a medical family
  • There is no Welch on the list of resident medical staff of the hospital from 1823; however there was a Dr.Welch on the consultant medical staff in 1830 (Toulmin)
  • Combined medical practice with a pharmacy business in Sydney early 1840s
  • Registered under Wellington Act at Greytown 1856
  • Of the four qualifications he claimed in his ostentatious petition to the NSW parliament in 1844, only the second one is correctly formulated - the remainder appear to be fabrications
  • Although his name appears on the printed lists of NSW Medical Board until 1867, there is no record in the Board minutes of his actually having been registered - Ed.
  • Acknowledgments: This record was updated in July 2003 with information kindly supplied by Michelle Patient and Sheryl Pawson from New Zealand
    References: New South Wales Medical Board. New South Wales Government Gazette 16 October 1839 [Robert Porter Welch, Sydney, on list of doctors registered since July]
  • New South Wales Medical Board. List of the Legally Qualified Medical Practitioners of the Colony of New South Wales. Sydney, 1842 [lists Robert Porter Welch, Sydney]
  • List of persons who have obtained certificates... as apothecaries 1815-1840. Apothecaries Hall, London, 1840 [Robert Porter Welch, Taunton, 20 January 1831]
  • Toulmin J. and others. History of Taunton. Taunton, 1874 [medical men in 1809 include C. Welch, J. Welch, Jos. Welch; includes a list of hospital house surgeons and apothecaries from 1823]
  • Ford E. Some early Australian medical publications. Medical History, July 1972
  • Ford E. Bibliography of Australian Medicine 1790-1900. Sydney : Sydney University Press, 1976
  • Ford E. Robert Porter Welch, M.R.C.S., and his first Australian medical publication. Medical Journal of Australia 1973; i: 503-6
  • Wright St.Clair (unspecified reference on NZ doctors)
  • Shipping intelligence. Colonist (Sydney) 28 September 1839 [R. Welch Esq surgeon on "Letitia" from London]
  • Valuable information for married ladies [book review]. Port Phillip Gazette 10 June 1840 ["Married Woman's Adviser and Young Mother's Guide" by Doctor Robert Porter Welch, London 1838]
  • Married. Sydney Herald 14 September 1841 [Robert Potter Walsh (sic) to Miss Helen Uther of Surry Hills]
  • Birth. Sydney Morning Herald 23 August 1843 ]at Castlereagh Street, lady of Dr. Robert Welch of a daughter]
  • New insolvents. Sydney Herald 15 April 1844 [Ambrose Eldridge and Robert Port Welch, trading as chemists]
  • Legislative Council. Australian (Sydney) 28 June 1844 [Robert Porter Welch, Member of the London College of Surgeons, Licentiate of the London Apothecaries' Company, Member of the University of Heidelberg, Member of the University of London]
  • Law intelligence. Australian (Sydney) 17 April 1845 [Robert Porter Welch, surgeon, attends assault victim in Sydney]
  • Shipping intelligence. Sydney Morning Herald 13 June 1848 [Dr. Welch Surgeon Superintendent, Mrs. Welch and child on "Canton" from London]
  • Abstract of sales by auction. Maitland Mercury 26 May 1849 [at Murrurundi, Dr. Welch's household furniture]
  • Shipping news. Lyttleton Times 3 January 1852 [Dr. Welch on "Fatima" from London - family not listed][presumably not him?]
  • Shipping intelligence. Sydney Morning Herald 15 January 1852 [Dr. and Mrs Welch and family on "Brothers" from Honolulu]
  • Welch's Dispensary and Drug Stores. Sydney Morning Herald 5 March 1852 [Dr Robert Welch, 28 Hunter Street, for five years Operating Surgeon at an English county hospital, recommenced practice in Sydney]
  • Shipping intelligence. New Zealand Spectator 6 May 1854 [Dr and Mrs Welch and family on "Hashemy" from Newcastle]
  • Ex Hashemy [advertisement]. Lyttleton Times 20 May 1854 [Robert Porter Welch, Port Cooper, landing assorted merchandise to sell to storekeepers]
  • Local and general news. Wellington Independent 2 January 1866 [Robert Porter Welch resigns from Provincial Council due to ill health]
  • To be sold [advertisement]. Wellington Independent 1 September 1868 [Robert Porter Welch, Wairarapa, selling a house at Greytown]
  • By subscription [advertisement]. Wairarapa Standard 11 January 1873 [New Zealand Songs, Ballads and Rhymes by Robert Porter Welch]
  • Death. Wairarapa Standard 26 February 1876 [at Matarawa, Greytown, Dr. Welch aged 68]
  • Local and general. Wairarapa Standard 26 February 1876 [Dr. Welch settled Wellington 22 years ago as medical practitioner, then Greytown, served Provincial Council]
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